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Mark Succarotte
Mortgage Advisor (VP of Sales)

How To Make Your Strongest Offer With Our Power Purchase Program

How To Make Your Strongest Offer With Our Power Purchase Program

Want to be a Strong Buyer? Check out the Power Purchase Program

What would it feel like to walk into your dream home and prove to the sellers that you’re the
best buyer on the market? What would it feel like to know that you’re the chosen buyer, and you
can close on the house quickly? Amazing, right?

That’s what the Power Purchase Program offers. You’ll be a more confident buyer with not only
a pre-approval in your hands but a Power Purchase Approval with a $5,000 seller guarantee too. 
At Whitecap Mortgage, we go above and beyond the traditional approval – giving buyers and
sellers reason to believe your approval is as good as closed, giving you a much better chance at
securing the winning bid even in a competitive market. 

How it Works

Before you look at homes, you have to know what you can afford. You need official proof that a
bank will loan you that amount too. A pre-qualification isn’t enough – that’s just an estimate of
what you can afford based on verbal information. 

A pre-approval provides more than a pre-qualification. You get a letter stating that we’ve pre-
approved you for the amount you requested and at what terms, but the Power Purchase Program
takes it one step further. Not only do we pull your credit and put your application through
automated underwriting, we completely review all documents, including your income, asset, and
credit documents. 

What you get is a fully approved conditional loan approval, excluding the property to show
sellers your ability to buy the home.

What is the Power Purchase Guarantee?

It gets better.
Not only do you have a fully vetted loan approval (minus the property approval), but we will also
provide the seller with a $5,000 Seller Guarantee. 

Basically, this means that we’re so sure that your loan will close based on the approval we
provided (assuming the property passes the appraisal and inspections) that we’ll give the seller
$5,000 if we can’t close your loan based on the terms provided in your Power Purchase Letter.

This also means that as long as everything you provided to prove your financial worthiness
during the application process stands, we’ll guarantee that your loan will close. 

Why Consider the Power Purchase Guarantee?

In today’s competitive market, you need a way to stand out from the crowd. Sellers receive
multiple bids, and when they all have similar dollar amounts, sellers look at other factors. They
want the buyer that will close on the loan and not put them back at square one because they
couldn’t get financing. 

If you’re looking for a way to bid on homes with confidence and walk away with the winning
bid, look no further than the Power Purchase Guarantee. We’re happy to partner with you,
helping you know beyond a reasonable doubt not only how much loan you can afford but that
you qualify to get the loan too. It’s a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

Mark Succarotte

Mortgage Advisor (VP of Sales)
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